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Lydia Kirkland


Lydia Kirkland is the Founder and Director of Filling Buckets for Brianna (FBFB). She started this foundation in 2014, a year after losing her 13 year old daughter, Brianna Kirkland. Suffering such a great loss she knows the importance of support and love for grieving families. She has her Masters Degree in Administration of Human Services & an in depth understanding of nonprofit management. She  has a heart for grieving families and will always fill buckets (lives) with love to keep the legacy of her daughter alive.

Shekia Pridgen

Shekia Pridgen is the Treasurer at Filling Buckets for Brianna (FBFB). She has served on the Board at Temple University and has a heart for the community looking to bring change and pour love and give suppport to those in need.

Zenaida Kirkland

Zenaida Kirkland is the Secretary at Filling Buckets for Brianna (FBFB). She has served on various boards and has been a community activist for over 30 years. She possesses a Masters degree in Christian Counseling. Her experience as a grieving grandmother gives her the insight into grief first hand. She has a true passion to bring healing to grieving families that have suffered the loss of a child.

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