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Filling Buckets for Brianna (FBFB) is a foundation to help support families in need who have suffered the loss of a child birth to 18 years of age. Our foundation is committed to raising money to help families during the difficult time of losing a child. We also are committed to empowering and encouraging people to give of themselves to others. In order to identify those who need help we have enlisted the help of local funeral homes. This will allow more of the community to become aware of out foundation.

How Did FBFB Get Stared?

Filling Buckets for Brianna stems from a poem Brianna Kirkland wrote about filling other’s buckets (lives). Brianna saw the importance of everyone’s lives being filled by others with acts and words of kindness. Our foundation is proud and privileged to keep Brianna’s legacy alive with pouring love into others. We know the reward that comes with giving support to those in need. As the foundation grows we will continue to broaden out reach and assist even more people in need.

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