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​Brianna's Poem

I think my bucket is half full.  I do fill a lot of buckets. I think I can fill someone's bucket by giving them a hi-five or inviting them to eat lunch with me. I think all buckets should be filled. None should be empty. Everyone has a bucket so it should be full. I can help when I show I care. I can stand up for people or share a snack.


-Brianna Kirkland

Who was Brianna?

Brianna Gabrielle Alexander-Kirkland was born November 21, 1999.  Brianna (Brizo) was a fun loving child who saw life as an adventure.  Brianna cared for others in a way that was like no other, and when she spoke to you it would seem like you were the only person in the room, as she was truly interested in what you had to say.  She enjoyed reading, writing, drama/theater, friends, family, animals and life as a whole.  Her light shined everywhere she went because of her belief in Jesus.  She was strong, insightful, funny, thoughtful and compassionate. Unfortunately, she passed away February 24, 2013 from misdiagnosed juvenile diabetes.  Before leaving this earth, Brianna wrote a poem that spoke of filling other people's buckets (lives).  Brianna stated in her poem that no one should have an empty bucket and she was making sure that she would help fill their buckets.  Filling Buckets For Brianna Foundation was formed with this notion in mind and to continue where Brianna left off we invite you to join us in Filling Buckets For Brianna. 




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